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Child's Health Day 2020

I don't mean to be a cliche when I open up by saying what an unusual year it has been. Honestly, I think we left unusual somewhere in April. Yet there's really no other way to put what we have been through these past few months, a least no other excellent way.

Which is why some might question why we still bring attention or celebrate things like National Child Health Day. Why would your attention garter such a thing in such a time? I know it may seem trivial, and maybe like even in the grand scheme of things, it's silly. However, now more than ever, children's health requires your attention.

We've talked a lot as a team about how this year's situation is affecting the organization we love and our motivation and love for it individually over the past few months. We all like to think that when it comes to DemonTHON, we are still operating at 100%, the simple truth is not.

We are all humans and full-time college students, and friends, and family, and members of society. It's hard to watch what is happening around us and not get tired and lose our energy or motivation. At the same, we will zoom with one of the miracle kids like Charlie and can't help but feel renewed as we watch him fly in with an energy hug for his mom.

With the global pandemic, children’s hospitals across the country have lost as much as 50% of their total revenue. Revenue that ensures every child has access to quality healthcare, revenue that generates research studies to help with the most complicated cases. Now more than ever, kids need our help. Cancer can’t wait. Diabetes can’t wait. Surgery can’t wait. Kids can’t wait, and neither can we. Together we can change the future, we can change kids' health. As a team and as an organization, we have realized that this cause is BIGGER THAN US, and it takes all of us.

Today we ask that you join us in helping facilitate the change by registering for Dance Marathon 2021, on April 10. When you do, for today only, you'll get a t-shirt and sticker to show that you took the first step in helping kids in Chicagoland You’ll be welcomed into the DemonTHON family with open arms, and together we will change the future for kids fighting illness and injury.

For The Kids!

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