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Happy Halloween!

Although Halloween looks very different this year, everyone here at DemonTHON wants to help make sure you can celebrate in a fun and safe way!

I know that way back in March, many of us expected to be back to the normal that we knew by now, but there are some pros of this time! For example, all those cute Halloween crafts and desserts that people post about (and that we have included in this blog)? Now you have more time to do them with your close friends, family, roommates, and whoever you feel safe with!

We all took the time to put together a costume at home and show how fun it can be to dress up, even if you don’t get to go anywhere. (Check out our tic tock on Halloween to see that!) This year you can really get creative with the clothes and other supplies you have at home!

When it comes to crafts, there’s a bunch of simple things to do. You can draw up some pumpkin, bats, and ghosts and put them on your wall for decorations. You can also make a little paper towel ghost by tying a paper towel to a small roll and drawing a face on it.

To really get into the Halloween spirit, you can never go wrong with candy. Get all the candy you want, have your friends or family hide it around the house, and have a candy hunt. Or, if you have a lot of doors in your house, you can trick or treat indoors. Have people go into separate rooms and knock on each of them for candy.

If you really want to get fancy with your sugar, channel your inner Buddy Valastro, and get baking! Add two cups of pumpkin puree to your favorite cholate chip recipe! Get our decorating skills and get piping those spiderwebs!

If all fails, you can still get all dressed up, watch a good movie and eat all the candy ever.

Check out some of our Halloween TikTok videos below and on our socials @demonthon

Hop on the BOARD, the Charcuterie train!

Make some yummy treats at home!

Get Spooked around the house!

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