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Looking Ahead!

All of us here at DemonTHON are gearing up for The Big Event and we have planned some super exciting in the upcoming months to help get all our participants eager!

Our first event is coming up this week, on Wednesday, February 3! We are having a second recruitment push to help encourage our participants to get some friends to register. For our already registered friends, if AT LEAST 2 people put your name down saying that you referred them when they register on February 3, you will get a mystery piece DemonTHON merch sent to you AND $5 put donated into your fundraising account! Also, on Wednesday from 12 AM to 11:59 PM CST, there will be a discounted registration fee of $10, for 10 years of DemonTHON! We are really looking forward to expanding our DemonTHON family!

Shortly after our Recruitment Push, we will be kicking off a monthly giveaway on our Instagram! We will conduct our giveaway the first Friday of every month, starting on February 5. The lucky winner will get a box of DemonTHON merch, as a thank you for joining our DemonTHON family! If you are interested, make sure you are following us on Instsgram, @demonthon, and set an alarm for 11 AM CST February 5!

The second big event we have planned is Participant’s Day! Participant’s Day will be on Thursday, February 11 and at 4:30 PM CST we will have a virtual event on Zoom for all our registered participants. We have some really fun things planned, including a Kahoot where the top 3 winners get money put into their fundraising account and a box of DemonTHON merch for one lucky participant that joins us! I don’t want to give away all the fun we will be having but make sure to wear your dancing shoes and keep an eye on your email and on our social medias!

Also, on the horizon, is our Miracles til Midnight fundraising push on February 20! As it gets closer, you will be able to find more details about it on our social medias. The second Instagram giveaway will be March 5 and the last giveaway before The Big Event will be April 2! The Big Event is on April 10, so don’t forget to mark it off in your calendars! We look forward to seeing you at all these events and getting to spend time with our Demonthon family!

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