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The Ins-and-Outs of our Socials

Now more than ever, DemonTHON uses our social media accounts to keep our members informed on what's happening. Although we post similar content on all platforms, each one is slightly different. My name is Rachel Miller and I am DemonTHON's Public Relations Director and I am going to give you a DemonTHON socials overview to help make sure you get all the information you need.

Our main platform is Instagram. It has the most followers and the most representation between active and old members, as many generations dabble in using it. We use both posts and stories to post things like our main flyer for an event, important, updates, and miracle stories. We will reshare the post with reminders on our story, new post notifications, reshare our mentions, and notifications for our wonderful blog posts (like this one!). Since this is the platform we use the most, if you have any questions, you can DM us and one of our trusted communications members will get you in contact with the right person! Make sure to keep your eye on our Instagram!

Facebook has the same posts as Instagram, but also has the function to include events. This is super important because we host a lot of events throughout the year. While we do share the events on other platforms, Facebook will have the most details and you can see if any of your friends have decided to go! If you’re ever unsure of the who, what, where, when, and why of an event; Facebook is the place to checkout. We also use it to stay in touch with our Alumni, so before you graduate make sure to add us!

Our other most used social media is Twitter. Not everyone uses Instagram or Facebook, so we reshare all information on Twitter to keep everyone in the loop of what's happening in the wonderful world of DemonTHON. Twitter is also a nice place to just get the basics, no graphics, just the information you need.

Although this isn’t a social media platform, our emails pertain to other types of information that is sent to our members. You can sign up for our email list without being a member, but it's always more fun when you’re a part of our family!

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