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Where does your money go?

Hello DemonTHONers,

Thank You for an AMAZING Miracles till Midnight last weekend! As you may remember, this year, we were celebrating Charlie, who for the past seven years has been a patient of the neurology department at Lurie Children’s for treatment of MoyaMoya disease, a rare seizure condition. Charlie is a dedicated DemonTHONer and even began Charlie’s Cape Club, where participants can earn a cape to wear alongside him at the big event. In Charlie’s honor, we had set a goal of $7,000 to raise in 24 hours, but we surpassed that goal and raised over $9,000!!

Since we raised so much money during MTM, we figured it was time to show you where it goes!

To begin, all the money fundraised through DemonTHON and our supporting high school programs benefit Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Last year, DemonTHON helped Lurie Children’s…

· Expand the impatient space within the Center for Career & Blood Disorders to meet the increasing demand for patients and families who needed it most

· Continue and grow the Family Services department which gives kids the opportunities to be kids and work with teachers, art therapists, social workers, and child life specialists.

· Pursue innovative research from the lab to the clinic and into our community

· Ensure they can assist all families and provide healthcare access to every child.

· And last, but not least, continue to provide the care and resources both patients and families need throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

See below for more information regarding other ways your donations and total fundraised amounts may be used:

  • $25 Raised - Provides everyday essentials for patients, from diapers to child-sized hospital gowns to pediatric-sized pressure cuffs and more.

  • $50 Raised - Provides charity care for patients and families.

  • $100 Raised - Funds can help children understand their treatment plans as child life specialists use mock operating rooms to help the kids understand their upcoming treatment with play therapy.

  • $250 Raised - Provide specialized services like pet therapy! By interacting with a pet (imagine super cute dogs!!), patients can feel soothed physically and mentally.

  • $500 Raised - Fund vein illuminators which help with IV insertion and make kids veins easier to find. We all know how painful it can be when your vein refuses to be found!

  • $1,000 Raised - Fund ambulance incubators to allow babies to be transported safely with the right life-saving equipment.

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