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DonorDrive is DemonTHON's online fundraising network and database. The online service allows people to make quick, easy donations to a participant's page. You'll use this page to register, collect donations, and track your progress. More than 80% of our fundraising is done online, so by utilizing our resources, you can reach $250 in no time!
Below are some easy ways to make your fundraising page effective: 


When people donate to DemonTHON, they are donating to their friends and family. Because of this, it is important to write a message about why DemonTHON is important to you. Be sure to post a profile picture and add any personal touches to your Donor Drive page. Inspire donors to support Lurie Children's!



Your family, friends, and co-workers won't donate unless you ask! Donor Drive allows you to message potential donors straight from the "Messages" tab of your site. By crafting an intriguing message, your donors will feel like an impactful part of our community.

For help, check out or basic PLEASE DONATE template. Or use any of these templates to make asks via email. Be sure to include your personal Donor Drive URL! 


DonorDrive makes it very easy to send Thank You emails to any donors. Once you've logged in to your Donor Drive here, just click the "Donations" tab and go to "Thank Your Donors." You can also use your own separate email, or send a handwritten letter if you want to really show your gratitude. Either way, thanking your donors is the best way to show your gratitude and encourage ongoing support!



There is no such thing as too much publicity, so post your DonorDrive page to any social media outlets as often as possible. You never know when your long lost relative will happen to look at your Facebook and decide to give a donation For The Kids! Posting your URL on social media is also a great way to give lots of acquaintances the option of donating without making them feel obligated. Check out DemonTHON on Facebook for plenty of posts to share!

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