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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any fundraising question, please email our Fundraising Director at

What do I do with a cash donation?

If you receive an "offline donation" (cash or a check) you can download the Offline Donation Form. Once you have filled the form out completely, it can be turned into the DemonTHON Mailbox in the Office of Student Involvement on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.


What does the money I fundraise go towards, specifically?

The money raised For The Kids is used where Lurie Children's finds the deems the greatest area of need in order to provide the best care for the patients and families that get treated at the hospital. Money can go towards any of the following:


  • Children’s Fund

  • Cardiology

  • Cancer and Blood Disorders

  • Falk Brain Tumor Center

  • Epilepsy

  • Family Services

  • Hospital Improvement


Where do I meet to go canning?

For every canning event we will meet on the 3rd floor of Centennial Hall in the room directly to right when getting off the elevator.


Can I go canning even if I’m not a dancer?

Yes! Do you have prior commitments and know you cannot attend the Big Event? You can help your friends and members of your organization who are dancing reach their goal by canning with them.

Are we employees from the hospital?

 No, we are a part of an organization at DePaul University called DemonTHON that raises money for the kids at Lurie Children’s.


How to interact with another fundraising organization:

  •  If they claimed a block or area, try and spot another area that will not conflict with their space.

  •  Do not donate cash to other fundraising groups when canning, this includes your personal money and money people donated to you.

  •  Call the canning leader for help or to talk through the situation if you are unsure or uncomfortable.

Safety Tips:

  •  Stand in well lit areas and make yourself known to any security officers or police.

  •  If you encounter someone asking for money or an intoxicated person, be cautious and use your best judgment to handle the uncomfortable situation.


How to be a FTK canner:

  •  Approach each person with confidence and a smile!

  •  Always go canning with another person! This allows for validation of the organization, and allows for you to be safe, especially when carrying money!

  •  Try starting with some change or a dollar bill in your can to help people feel more comfortable giving their spare change to you.

  •  Be respectful to all people you ask to donate. Even if a person does not donate thank them and wish them well. Our organization's mission is to raise funds and awareness, thanks for doing both today!


What to say when asking for donations:

  •  Hello! Any spare change for the kids at Lurie Children’s Hospital?

  •  Any pennies, nickels, dimes, or smiles for the kids at Lurie Children’s Hospital?

  •  Skip your morning coffee and give to the kids at Lurie Children’s Hospital!

  •  A Little change makes a big change for the kids at Lurie Children’s!

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