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 This year, we reached an incredible milestone, raising $110,624.87- the first time we've hit six figures since COVID-19. This success is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our amazing participants and executive board. Your efforts have brought immense joy to many families. 


Thank you to everyone who contributed to this achievement. Let's continue this momentum and keep making a difference!

Running Total: $2,183,587.18


 In year 12 our board set our goals higher than ever before: more events, more fundraising, and more participants.With everyone's help, we surpassed last year's total and brought happiness to many families. Thank you to all who helped us raise $96,673.92!

Running Total: $2,072,962.31

For the first time in almost two years, The Big Event was finally back and better than ever. We are so grateful and proud of the continued effort to fundraise and celebrate the kids at Lurie Children's. Thank you to all who helped us fundraise $90,532.14 in Year 11!

Running Total: $1,976,288.39


Again due to COVID-19, our first priority with this year's event was to our DemonTHON community's health and safety. To bring together as many as possible, The Big Event was held in both a virtual and in-person format creating our first-ever hybrid event! We were so happy to be able to host both those in person on campus and online at home. It was a truly unique way to celebrate a difficult year together. It gave a chance to welcome in some special visitors! We are so proud and amazed by the continued effort to fundraise and celebrate the kids at Lurie Children's during this time. Thank you to all who helped us fundraise $75,026.74 in Year 10!

Running Total: $1,885,756.25

Due to COVID19, we prioritized our DemonTHON community's health and safety. The Big Event was moved forward and held in a virtual format. Though it was very different from years past, the event still had a morale dance, theme hours, and miracle families! We are so proud of the continued effort to fundraise and celebrate the kids at Lurie Children's during an unprecedented time. Thank you to all who helped us fundraise $82,723.86 in Year 9!

Running Total: $1,810,729.51



In our 8th year,  DemonTHON celebrated a final total of $200,848.08 For The Kids at Lurie Children’s. The Zero to Hero Campaign was super successful with all registered members raising over zero dollars! The wonderful miracle families inspired us as we danced for 12 and 24 hours in the Lincoln Park Student Center. 

Running Total: $1,728,005.65



In DemonTHON’s 7th year, a fearless committee set out to establish a foundation that would ensure organizational success for years to come. By splitting the Big Event into two, 12-hour blocks, we saw a spike in our average member fundraising - an increase of $80 compared to years past - and celebrated a final total of $250,896.07 For The Kids at Lurie Children’s. DemonTHON continues to celebrate its fundraising efforts while remembering beloved miracle kids like Mia Gurevitz and Hannah Bailey. DemonTHON 2018 reminded us, more so than ever before, just why we do what we do.

Running Total: $1,527,157.57


In the organization’s sixth year, dedicated committee members, motivated morale captains, enthusiastic members, committed alumni, and generous donors joined together and raised a total of $276,261.50 For The Kids. DemonTHON’s Big Event continues to invite and excite members of the DePaul and Chicago community and celebrates the dedication of students to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the kids and families at Lurie Children’s.

Running Total: $1,276,261.50


In DemonTHON's fifth year, the organization set out to join the million dollar mark for total fundraising. The DePaul University community welcomed this challenge and accomplished it on April 30th, 2016. This fundraising record makes DemonTHON one of the fastest growing Dance Marathons in Miracle Network Dance Marathon history. With a total of $274,877.77 fundraised in its fifth year, the organization hit exactly One Million Dollars and continues to be recognized in the Platinum Circle of Giving at Lurie Children's Hospital.

Running Total: $1,000,000


In their first year without their founders, DemonTHON continues to embody the DePaul mission by raising $257,048.12 for the families at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital. With their total fundraising reaching over $725,000 they enter the Platinum Circle of Giving at Lurie Children’s and set on to make DemonTHON a can’t-miss event for the DePaul Community.

Running Total: $715,112.23


DePaul University and the Chicago community embrace DemonTHON as a campus-wide philanthropic effort. Together they continue to provide miracles to the kids at Lurie Children’s by raising $214,050.46, putting their total fund-raised at nearly half a million dollars. DemonTHON is ranked 17th of 270 national Dance Marathon programs.

Running Total: $468,064.11


As a year-long fundraising organization, students build upon initial connections with families and other teams throughout the year. On May 16th, the DePaul community raises $150,313.37 breaking another national record for second-year fundraising.

Running Total: $254,013.65


Dance Marathon grows rapidly at DePaul, with 244 students registering for the first Big Event in McGrath-Phillips Arena. On May 11th, DePaul broke the national record for first-year fundraising by over $40k, raising $103,700.28 for the kids at Lurie Children’s. DePaul University is awarded Best New Dance Marathon by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.


DemonTHON was founded by Jason Knoespel, Raissa Correa, Blair Janis and Advisor Bill Mattera. The first Management Team recruited students to build a program that would create affinity for the university and serve the life-saving mission of the hospital.

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