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Our members are the core of the DemonTHON experience. Registering as a member for our Big Event is an experience you truly won't forget. After 12 hours of being on your feet and listening to all of the inspirational stories of how Lurie Children’s has helped all of our miracle families, you will look back at all of your hard work and know that it was worth it!

Below are the steps to become a member and attend the Big Event.

1. Register for DemonTHON
The first step in starting your journey with DemonTHON is registering. Click the button above to follow the link to get up your donor drive page. After set up in complete you will officially be in DemonTHON! 

2. Connect with a Morale Captain


Once you have registered (either as a team or solo), you will be invited to join a Morale team where a Morale Captain (aka your hype person) will teach you all that you need to know about DemonTHON, including how to fundraise, and keep you updated about events and connected to DemonTHON until the big event!

3. Fundraise For The Kids
Members have to fundraise a minimum of $250 in order to attend the celebration at the Big Event. Fundraising the money is NOT as hard as it seems. As registration is already underway, check out the Fundraising Page to get ideas on how you can reach your goal!

4. Dance!
You've done it! DemonTHON here you come!

The Big Event 2023

Join DemonTHON in our 12th annual student-run dance marathon benefiting Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. Be a part of all the fun and hard work to help make the world a better place For The Kids at the hospital!

We need your help to reach our goal For The Kids!



What time?



DePaul University Student Center 120AB

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