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Meet Our Core Committee!!

For many, Ann. & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago is an unparalleled intersection of hospital and home. My name is Alexander Anadiotis, and as the Chief of Staff for DemonTHON 2020-2021 I have the immense privilege of introducing you to the brave, compassionate, and strong-willed students of our Core Committee. At DePaul University, DemonTHON is an intersection of unique student leadership and home, and I am thrilled to welcome those of you who are reading into our “full house”.

Our leadership board is managed by six managers that oversee five branches of directors and chair positions. The Executive Branch, staffed by the Executive Director, Kalli Lambros and I (Chief of Staff), work together to manage the internal operations of our organization.

Kendall Palmer, the Recruitment & Retention Manager, leads the Recruitment & Retention branch. The team is comprised of Campus Recruitment Director, Mitchell Barret, Greek Recruitment Director, Jaclyn Lehnen, as well as the Stewardship Director, Florentine Gradischnig. Together, this branch strives to invite and welcome new and returning members from all walks of University life into our organization. The R&R branch is packed with personable and inclusive faces who do an amazing job of making sure our door is open to anyone who would like to come inside.

Content & Communications Manager, Katherine Weimold, leads the Content & Communications branch - the “HQ” of DemonTHON. Tasked with the responsibility of curating DemonTHON’s messages, public image and especially our soon-to-be viral TikToks. This team is filled with nothing but creativity and passion from Public Relations Director, Rachel Miller and Participant Relations Director, Leslie Shannon. They keep us infinitely entertained and are always ready to document our fondest memories as a student family.

Sarah Feroz, our fearless Finance Manager is “paying the mortgage” and one of the many brains behind the Finance branch. The other masterminds include: Partnership Director, Hinal Patel, Catering Chair, Jasmol Kaur, Fundraising Director, Shriya Malisetty and High School Relations Director, Liam Carson. Our finance friends make sure we have the means to provide our members and Miracle Kids with an inspiring event, and to ensure we are able to fundraise as much as possible for kids and families in Chicagoland.

And finally, Camryn Nishita who brings incredible vision and direction to her role as Operations Manager. The Operations Branch is the special squad of students making sure that our house is running at all times. Constantly working on ways to improve our events, our morale and the overall DemonTHON experience - these people are determined to bring home the cake. It is tasked by: Event Logistics Director, Hope Orr, Event Entertainment Chair, Devin Guerra, Special Events Director, Lauren Schmidt, Hospital Relations Director, Erin McKenna and Morale Director, Nicole Palumbo.

I firmly believe that DemonTHON would not be the organization that it is today without its incredible student leaders proudly representing it every day. In the midst of COVID-19, I am proud to say that we continue to come together every week to put ourselves on a shelf, be in each other's presence, and make miracles happen for the kids at Lurie Children’s

Now that you’ve walked in, why don’t you stay for a while?!To see more of what our Core Committee is up to, please take a look at and make sure to follow us onFacebook, Twitter and Instagram! If you’d like to join our home, get registered for DemonTHON 2021 here!

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